Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Observations continued

Today on Boing Boing i dove into a couple more blog posts. I went under the gadget section and ran into more information on this e-waste situation. I actually need to get rid of my old computer and asked if anyone had any suggestions on the comment and am hoping for some feed back. I also read another post about a man in England who had his house blown up and destroyed when a nearby plant blew up. He suffered a loss in all of his personal belongings and some medical side effects from the explosion. The government or company has offered him no support so I posted and gave my own.

After following Boing Boing for a couple of days, I have noticed that the comments are used heavily for discussion. This discussion ranges from people answering questions for others and comments on the blog post. Although I haven't received any direct response to my comments, I am confident of the discussion on this blog and that this will come if I keep submersing myself into the blog community.

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